MOOX Token

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Contract Address: 0x30b832e2e98463d9130b822bd9f294287edd0422

This version of MOOX is a wrapper of the first version. So, it doesn't have an initial supply.

V2 supply will come out as V1 tokens are switched to V2.

The basic idea is having a fixed 5.000.000 total supply against the 100.000 initial supply of V1.

V1 is rebasing every 5 minutes and its total supply is increasing.

So, corresponding fixed V2 amount for switching from V1 is calculated by the below formula:

V2Amount = V1Amount * (100000 / Current total supply of V1) * 50

Switching back to V1 is possible as well, and the formula of corresponding V1 amount for V2 is:

V1Amount = (V2Amount / 50) * (Current total supply of V1 / 100000)

Total Supply

Based on above introduction, the total supply of this version depends on the circulating supply of V1 and equal to: Circulating supply of V1 * (100000 / Current total supply of V1) * 50

Circulating supply of V1 can be fetched from

Current total supply of V1 can be fetched from or BscScan.

Team Wallets


Protocol Fee


0.1% of each trade over Pancakeswap MOOX/BUSD pair



5% of each lottery total prize

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