Stake page is the place where LP token staking is managed.

Total Value Locked and average APR for MOOX-BUSD LP and MOOX-BNB LP tokens can be seen here.

To start staking, LP token transfer to StakeManager contracts must be approved.

Stake LP tokens

To stake LP token, you need to add liquidity and have LP tokens first.

However, MOOX V1 is deprecated, in terms of backward compatibility and switching between two, versions, MOOX-BNB LP staking is still available.

Stake MOOX

MOOX staking is awarded with a fixed APR.

You can see your earning progress on the progress bar.

Add/Remove LP Tokens

By clicking + button more LP token can be staked.

By clicking - button, desired amount of staked LP tokens can be removed.

Pending award is transferred to wallet before adding or removing LP tokens. So, after adding/removing LP token pending award will start from 0.

Add/Remove MOOX

By clicking + button, you can increase your staked MOOX amount, and you can earn more ticket awards.

By clicking - button, desired amount of MOOX can be removed.

Ticket earning isn't automatically transferred to wallet when MOOX is added or removed. It must be collected separately.

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