MOOX Staking

While LP token staking is awarded with MOOX, holders who don't want to provide liquidity can stake their MOOX to earn lottery tickets.

Any amount of MOOX can be staked.

The earnings are calculated on the ticket amount can be bought with the staked MOOX amount at the time of staking with a fixed APR of 146%.

So, staking 250 BUSD worth of MOOX earns a lottery ticket everyday.

Staked and accumulated ticket amount has 18 decimals. But only integer amount of tickets can be collected.

Adding more MOOX on staked amount, adds the ticket amount that can be bought. And earnings are calculated with the new total ticket amount.

When MOOX is removed from stake, the proportional amount of ticket subtracted.

Ticket earning isn't automatically transferred to wallet when MOOX is added or removed. It must be collected separately.

Even if you remove all of your staked MOOX, your accumulated earning will be kept. After, you stake MOOX back, it will continue accumulating.

There is no lock time restriction for staking. You can stake/unstake whenever you want.

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