Liquidity Proxy

Since MOOX V2 is developed as a wrapper token of the first version, there hasn't been a presale for creating a genesis liquidity. All the liquidity is provided by token holders.

As Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said in this tweet, liquidity is king.

Since liquidity is the key element of market making, prices which are not supported by strong liquidity can easily go down or up, which makes investors have doubt about the token.

Tokens with buy/sell fees come with a big handicap regarding liquidity adding. If there is not a specific implementation to prevent, when liquidity is added, this is considered as a sell operation, and, tax is deducted from liquidity provider.

So, token community is discouraged from having an active role on a very essential point of market making.

To overcome this problem, Moox team developed a proxy contract which helps community to provide liquidity without any tax cut on their tokens.

This contract stands between liquidity provider and Pancakeswap liquidity pool. By the integrated logic in $MOOX token contract, tax deduction doesn't occur for the transfers between the proxy and liquidity pool. Proxy contract receives tokens from the provider and sends to the pool securely.

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