Moox Whitepaper


The first step of getting into Moox ecosystem is buying $MOOX token.
Instead of leaving Moox platform and going to Pancakeswap, adding $MOOX token to a temporary list without symbol, Moox presents a Swap page where $MOOX token can be swapped between BUSD and BNB.
Swap page completely works on Pancakeswap infrastructure and secure to use.
The same swap operation can be done on Pancakeswap by just clicking the the link on the page.

Slippage Setting

Although buy and sell fees are fixed and hardcoded in the contracts, because of the algorithm used in Pancakeswap SDK, slippage setting may be need to set higher values.
Currently buy fee is 10%, but, for successfully buying $MOOX, slippage setting must be equal or greater than 12%.
Sell fee is 25%, but, for successfully selling $MOOX, slippage setting must be equal or greater than 34%.


Since swap page is built on Pancakeswap contracts and Pancakeswap SDK, you can check Pancakeswap's exchange troubleshooting page first.
You can also drop a message on telegram group or send an email to [email protected] for any problem you run into.