Moox Whitepaper

All in one platform

Swap- Liquidity LP- Stake and Busd Award
Moox developers built an all in one platform for the Moox community where all the essential operations can be done without going back and forth between Pancakeswap and Moox platform.


Users can swap $MOOX token with BNB or BUSD.
No need to go to Pancakeswap, paste address, add $MOOX token to a huge list of other tokens.


This part of the platform is used for adding and removing liquidity.
Tax free liquidity adding can only be done on Moox platform.
However liquidity can be removed tax free on Pancakeswap as well, the platform brings it a unity and ease.


For getting BUSD rewards, LP tokens must be staked on the stake page.
On this page, total stake value and APR of staking can be seen.
More LP tokens can be added or some of the staked can be removed.
Awards can be checked and collected.